My Process – 6

100% hemp canvas on strainers ready for rabbit skin size.

I don’t yet have a video of laying on the hide glue. So here is a still image showing two types of 100% pure hemp canvas stretched and ready for sizing.

The hide glue (collagen) is made from pig and other animal skin and bone. It is water soluable and so reversible. It is a traditional glue and size and fits the ideal of nose-to-tail consumption of farmed animals.

Homo sapiens, us humans, are omnivores, that has been our success and the downfall of other species we share this planet with. The last known vegetarian hominin, Homo paranthropus, failed to thrive due to a largely vegetarian diet. Watch the video by Harvard biologist and primatologist, Richard Wrangham on the amount of nutrition required for animals to reproduce ensuring species survival.

CARTA: The Evolution of Human Nutrition — Richard Wrangham: Fire Starch Meat and Honey

Also watch the video by Allan Savory on the need for wandering herds to ensure survival of grasslands, the very savannah humans are poorly adapted to. As soon as humans relearn how to farm without fences, the terestrial environment and ecology might have a better chance to recover, for diverse species to survive and thrive.

Allan Savory – How to fight desertification and reverse climate change. TED2013

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