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ARTcycle Incorporated is an not-for-profit, artist-run, cycling initiative. Formed in 2010 as outreach between MASSBUG, BIKESydney and At The Vanishing Point Contemporary Gallery (ATVP), after successful collaborations in the 2007-2008 Bicycle Film Festival. ARTcycle incorporated in 2011 and is a bicycle user group (BUG) affiliated with Bicycle New South Wales. Conceived as an environmental, social practise where artists and bicycle users could come together to promote active transport and zero emission mobility.

ATVP photo shoot

We continue to plan and lead tours by bicycle to galleries, artist run initiatives (ARIs) and artist studios. These are fun and immersive social events where artists and non-artists mutually benefit from personal interaction. The art and cycling communities have a natural affinity, as early adopters and adapters. Social engagement between the two communities helps break down barriers, builds confidence, and builds audiences.

Richard Goodwin’s Parasitic Architecture, Cope St, Waterloo. Photo, Bob Newman.

We have designed and lead rides for Art Month. Designed tours for MOST, LOST and HeadOn. Contributed the Inner-West Art Tour map to the Sydney Rides website and booklet, have a self-guided Sydney Art Ride 2008(pdf) featured on the City of Sydney Walking Tours website, and are driving The Gamut series of art events. We actively promote The Sydney Green Ring.

ARTcycle Inc tour of Marrickville Council’s innovative ‘Perfect Match’, featured recently in SMH.

ARTcycle Inc is always happy to support bicycle advocacy especially in the Inner West where bicycles could have a huge impact getting cars off crowded and noisy streets and making active transport safe for children, parents, cyclists and motorists.

Sydney Morning Herald 29 August 2011

We also have harnessed technologies that utilise human power when adapted to the bicycle. The Fender Blender is a friction driven attachment that will fit almost any bicycle and utilises off the shelf components. With it we can provide make smoothies, frappes, soups and pesto – refreshment and sustenance on the go.

Fender Blender at the ARTycycle Inc launch.

We experimented with a fleet of bicycles fitted with regenerative braking electric motors. These were used to power a range of electrical audio visual devices, including the mobile, self-supported ARTcycle Cinema.  A salient lesson is that the conversion of human power to electricity is incredibly inefficient. The project was wound up and the bicycles, mostly Kona brand, were on-sold to grateful cyclists.

ARTcycle Cinema at the White Creek, Footprints Ecofestival.

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ARTcycle Rolling Sketch Tours and Bicycle Hire have been generously supported by a CASP grant from Regional Arts NSW

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