My Process – 5

The double-weave hemp sold as upholstery fabric. Soft, strong, absorbent and versatile, it does not pucker when sized with rabbit skin glue.

The stone grey double weave canvas comes from Hemp Wholesale formerly of Western Australia and since the sale of the business now located in Queensland.

The hide skin glue (no longer made from rabbits) is available online and in most good art stores. Rabbit Skin Glue: Preparation, Uses and Alternatives – Jackson’s Art Blog (

This strainer is made of 2 x 1 (40 x 20 mm) pine from the local hardware with corner braces rather than cross braces. A more economical use of timber that I find makes a much stronger and more robust painting support.

This type of construction also breaks down easier if need be, the glue is end grain to end grain which is not as robust as glueing along the grain. This means strainer frames can be recycled with ease and the painted canvas rolled and stored.

And here’s one I prepared earlier…

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