ARTcycle Inc – Perfect Match to Edge GreenWay

ARTcycle crew

20th of May 2023, sun shining birds chirping and ARTcycle Inc departed from Pride Square, Newtown for a curated tour of Perfect Match sites on its way to Edge Art Camp on the GreenWay at Lilyfield. Each rider had contributed $5 to todays ride. The ride itself was supported by the Living Arts section of Inner West Council. The riders fees were doubled upon donation so which was then forwarded to the other Perfect Match a fundraiser for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s Prostate Cancer Future Fund for new clinical trials and medical research into things like nuclear medicine, immunotherapy, epigenetics, cancer biomarkers, and genomics.

*You’re incredible! Big cheers for being a Perfect Match for men in our community with prostate cancer. And I have some good news for you – your donation has just been doubled!

That means 2 x $58.02 for research in the fight against prostate cancer. 

What you have done is truly great.

Thanks for your generosity – it makes a difference.

Best wishes,
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia*

As preparation for todays ride I reviewed some of the online documentation of Inner West Council’s Perfect Match and the Cooks to Cove GreenWay. It seems that the advocacy of people on bicycles gets less than deserved credit. Something I will attempt to redress with future blog posts.

In the meantime I thought I could entertain the crew with some background to the light rail shelter screens that I pointed out during the ride. Go to the Artwork tab at the top of this page, click on Space and Place, scroll down to 2013 Inner West Light Rail Shelter Screens for research and links explaining the design images.

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