On top of old Rocky

Cementa13, Kandos.

“Rocky” is the name given to one of the three, or is it four, iconic, physical landmarks on the Coomber Melon Mountain, high above the town of Kandos.

Our guide for the morning was Dave who took us up, via the fire trails, maintenance trails and a scout trail to the ridge of Rocky, a spur of the range. From Angus Avenue Rocky sits to the left, jutting out in front of “Baldy” where the communications towers puncture the sky.

One truly memorable morning, capped off by Liam singing ‘Dreams’ by Stevie Nicks.

Dave pointed out a patch of land for overnighting herd of cattle, that forms part of the national commons and Australia’s  “long paddock”.

We begin our odyssey.
We begin our odyssey.
An apparition, a message, a sign… nah just good ol’ Sol radiating down from above, the only safe, coal-fired reactor.
Upwards and onwards following the trail that had been well marked by local Scouts, their hall is at the start of the trail.
ARTcycle makes it to the top of Rocky’s, a spur of the Coomber Melon Range with Kandos laid out below.
Ardent adventurers contemplating their mortality and the possibilities of Free Fall?

On Rocky – Liam Benson dub from Gilbert Grace on Vimeo.

A lovely grotto formed by an irregular, circular formation of sandstone megaliths, with saplings growing up through the center forming an inner circle. Enchanting. In other times, in other realms, an imagined faerie bower.

We heard the feral goats bleeting. And on the way down crossed the path of an echidna, as you do.

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