Paul c.1983 acrylic on ply
“Paul” c. 1981 acrylic on hardboard
Red Rod c. 1983 acrylic on masonite web
“Red Rod” 1983 acrylic on masonite,
Oliver c. 1993 Oil on cotton
“Oliver” c.1998 oil on canvas
Mark c.1990 ballpoint on paper
“Mark” 1990, ball point pen on copy paper, 21 x 30 cm
Keeli c.1989 coloured pencil on paper
“Deep in Thought” 1987 Aquarel pencil on copy paper 21 x 30 cm
Charles Baumann 1988 oil on ply
“Charlie Baumann” 1989 acrylic on fibreboard
Tyson 2022 Oil on primed cotton web
“Tyson” 2022 oil on canvas

The Aunties 2021 oil on hemp web
“The Aunties” 2022 oil on hemp

The Tempest - 2011 Oil on cotton
“Jake (The Tempest)” 2010 oil on canvas

Trauma Porn 2009 oil on canvas and multiprint on recycled paper web
“The Bearded Lady Jape” 2005 oil on canvas and blockprint on copy paper, dimensions variable.

Bruce Ashley - Genius of the Greenway 2008 Oil on cotton doek
“Bruce Ashley – Genius of the GreenWay” 2008 oil on canvas