ARTcycle Inc

ARTcycle Incorporated is an not-for-profit, artist-run, cycling initiative. Among our many pursuits we plan and lead gallery and studio tours by bicycle. These are fun and immersive social events where artists and non-artists mutually benefit from personal interaction.

We have designed and lead rides for Art Month. Designed tours for MOST, LOST and HeadOn. Contributed the Inner-West Art Tour map to the Sydney Rides website and booklet, have a self-guided Sydney Art Ride 2008(pdf) featured on the City of Sydney Walking Tours website, and are driving The Gamut series of art events. And promote The Sydney Green Ring.

For more information:

Cementa13, Kandos. Preparing cocktails for the evening service.


ARTcycle Rolling Sketch Tours and Bicycle Hire have been generously supported by a CASP grant from Regional Arts NSW

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  1. Ride like a tunnel vision pirate arh?

    Maddsilk, Monday, 26 October, 2009
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