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‘And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying…’


G Grace Feb 2014 Flyer copy

The Common Wheel



Culture at Work and Accelerator Gallery present The Common Wheel.

Join Gilbert Grace and ARTCycyle Inc in The Common Wheel, a series of rides that include a rolling sketch tour to test and develop artists’ kits for cyclists; A rally cat race (think Ally Cat Race and invert it); and a randomner that lets you devise, test and document your own route. There’s also an exhibition and online site documenting the events.

Bookings are essential and materials are provided.

Gilbert Grace is artist No. 8/10 in Culture at Work’s 2013 Art Science Research Residency program at Culture at Work.

Residency commences:

Saturday 21 September
9am – 12pm Rolling Sketch Tour 1
1 – 4pm Rolling Sketch Tour 2

Exhibition opening:

Saturday 5 October
9am – 12pm Randomner
1pm – 4pm Rally Cat Race
5pm – 6pm Opening drinks


Saturday 12 October
10am – 12pm ArtRide

Closing Drinks:

Saturday 19 October
2pm – 4pm Pyrmont Bicycle Tour
5pm – 6pm Closing drinks

Accelerator Gallery, Culture at Work

6-8 Scott Street


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Hazelhurst: Art on Paper


Hi All,

I got in the Art on Paper show at Hazelhurst with a large drawing of the Mill Stream at Mortlake. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea, 35 minutes from Sydenham rail station on the Cronulla line, then a short walk to the gallery. Presentation of awards and opening Friday 5th July. More info

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Kandos at First Sight Site Cite


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Video footage of the Luminous show


With thanks to Fleur McDonald and, digital memories are made of this…

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On top of old Rocky


Cementa13, Kandos.

“Rocky” is the name given to one of the three, or is it four, iconic, physical landmarks on the Coomber Melon Mountain, high above the town of Kandos.

Our guide for the morning was Dave who took us up, via the fire trails, maintenance trails and a scout trail to the ridge of Rocky, a spur of the range. From Angus Avenue Rocky sits to the left, jutting out in front of “Baldy” where the communications towers puncture the sky.

One truly memorable morning, capped off by Liam singing ‘Dreams’ by Stevie Nicks.

Dave pointed out a patch of land for overnighting herd of cattle, that forms part of the national commons and Australia’s  “long paddock”.


We begin our odyssey.

We begin our odyssey.



An apparition, a message, a sign… nah just good ol’ Sol radiating down from above, the only safe, coal-fired reactor.



Upwards and onwards following the trail that had been well marked by local Scouts, their hall is at the start of the trail.



ARTcycle makes it to the top of Rocky’s, a spur of the Coomber Melon Range with Kandos laid out below.



Ardent adventurers contemplating their mortality and the possibilities of Free Fall?


On Rocky – Liam Benson dub from Gilbert Grace on Vimeo.


A lovely grotto formed by an irregular, circular formation of sandstone megaliths, with saplings growing up through the center forming an inner circle. Enchanting. In other times, in other realms, an imagined faerie bower.

We heard the feral goats bleeting. And on the way down crossed the path of an echidna, as you do.

ArtCycle Sketch Tours and Bicycle Hire have been generously supported by a CASP grant from Regional Arts NSW

regional arts

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Our programme came out today:


Our programme came out today:


To download the Cementa_13 Programme pdf, please click the image
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‘Shelf Life’ – Delmar Gallery, Summer Hill.


Shelf Life | Delmar Gallery’s annual exhibition of small-scale works
Ernest Aaron, Pam Aitken, Jo Allsop, Susan Andrews, Maxime Banks, Joel Beerden, Priscilla Bourne, Elizabeth Bryan, John Caldwell, Magda Cebokli, Simon Clarke, Shoufay Derz, Tom Doherty, Janice Fieldsend, Sioux Garside, Beata Geyer, Gilbert Grace, Ian Grant, Szilvia Gyorgy, Barbara Halnan, Peter Hardy, Chayni Henry, Laura Jones, Melanie E. Khava, Bryan King, Danica Knezevic, Belem Lett, Wendy Loefler, Kevin Mckay, Nerine Martini, Tara Marynowsky, Tony Mcdonald, Rose Anne McGreevy, Peter Nelson, Yiwon Park, Georgina Pollard, Terry Reid, Leigh Rigozzi, Patrick Shirvington, Rochelle Summerfield, Brooke Thompson, Richard Tipping, Floria Tosca, Phillip Wilson, Sandra Winkworth, Kayo Yokoyama, Nahomi Yoshizawa

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Studio shot


Me where I live.

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21 days to go before SHOWTIME


Excited and nervous all at the same time. All new works for my next show. Off to the framers today with some prints. Paintings are about to have their last lick of paint. Feeling good.


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